Our flagship product Global Brokerage System is an integrated solution to support all business processes of a typical Brokerage business unit, be it an independent company or the division of a larger financial institution (where complex integrations with core banking system may be required).
Our target is to achieve total Straight Through Processing for orders & trades, across the 3 main sub- systems: Front Office, Middle Office, Back-Office.

Centered on an a very powerful Order Management System we provide out-of-the box support for the most advanced scenarios in Trading and Brokerage:

Multi market, multi currency, multi language
  • Unlimited number of markets, currencies, languages (up to 3 used simultaneously, Arabic included);
  • On-online revaluation of amounts and positions from trading currency to customer accounts;
  • All markets are supported via a dedicated adapter, where order validation rules and settlement rules are customized per each market;

Real-time position keeping on customer portfolios
  • Profit & Loss / realized & unrealized (UPL & RPL);
  • Cash balances and stock positions update teal-time throughout entire system, from trades to transfers to corporate actions;
  • Historical statements and full customer reporting

Conditioned orders (triggered orders)
  • Real-time alerts upon  price or stock levels are met, or UPL levels met
  • Trade also when you are away, by setting up appropriate trading strategies via contained orders (created when price levels of stocks or indexes or UPL levels are met);
  • Basket for orders

Price dissemination in Push (data streaming)
  • Quotations are updated real-time, in Push mode (no need to request for refresh)
  • Watch Lists to track indexes and securities to be monitored
  • Full “market pages” to monitor full market listings
  • Synthetic “market watch” tools to monitor at a glance markets indexes, statistics (gainers, losers, most active) , news;
  • Seamless integration to different Market Data Feeds, totally seamless to customers

Multiple channels for customer order entry and position management
  • Internet Portal (browser based): advanced HTML
  • Mobile Trading: dedicated App available for iOS and Android
  • Tablet Trading: dedicated App available for iOS and Android
  • Thick client: WebStart Java Applet
  • Broker Dealer for internal dealers
Preferences and customizations
  • Java Applet personal layout
  • Unlimited customer Operational and Commission profiles
  • Language, notification channels
  • Customer preferred currency, bank current account, and much more

Customer notifications
  • Order status blotter in Push for real-time monitoring
  • Push notifications to customer with multiple channels: Web, SMS, email

Customer service and Express Order Entry
  • Call Center for customer service to internet oriented customers
  • Fast Order Entry and Order Management for Broker Traders

Charting and analytics
  • Intraday chart in real-time update
  • Historical chart at predefined periods (3 or 6 months, 1  or 2 or 3 years)
  • Up to 20 technical analysis indicators and studies

Total integration with Middle and Back Office modules
  • Static data for customer, securities, accounts, calendars, currencies, etc
  • Settlement and reporting
  • Cash and Security Transfers
  • Manual vouchers
  • Corporate actions
  • Detailed customer account sub-ledger
  • Automatic feed to GL via transaction type mapping to GL accounts
  • Integration with banking gateways for automation of fund transfers from Trading Account into Banking current Account: ATM card, wire transfers, Swift messages.

Latest Technology

We make use of latest technology (Java, Push technology, mobile computing) to integrate all components in a seamless integrated solution.
We utilize de-facto standards in e-business solutions (Oracle, XML, N-tier computing, Java, client and server validation, no data whatsoever stored on customer workstation, fastest FIX engine on the market)  so that we can ensure:

  • Total portability across different hardware platforms (MS-Windows, Unix / Linux);
  • top performance in distributed environment;
  • low demand on hardware resources;
  • unlimited scalability, just by adding more hardware resources (from 100 to more than 100,000 orders per day; from 1,000 to more than 1 million customers);
  • full proof to penetration testing and ethical hacking;
  • system availability 7 x 24;

GBS architecture schema