Client Servicing

Call Center

  • Service internet oriented customers who need assistance
    • Guidance in using On-Line Trading application (novice users)
    • Unable to access system at this moment and need to check their trading platform and environment: positions, orders, alarms
  • Login on behalf of customer and open customer trading platform
  • After checks, eventually want to place orders or interact with platform
    • New order or modify / cancel existing order
    • Create / Cancel an alert
    • Modify existing Watch List

Broker Trader

  • Service non internet oriented customers who just need to Trade
    • Quick Order Entry (just a few clicks on a page)
    • Quick Order Management (cancel / modify)
    • Executed Trades List
    • Cash Transfer List
  • Fastest order entry possible, customer position and market data appearing in the bottom as they are entered

Client support

  • Customize notification channels (Web, SMS, Email)
  • Customer password reset
  • Account set-up or suspension