Mutual Funds

Our software solution BOC – IRIS is providing all functionalities needed by a typical Asset Management Company (usually “SgR” in Italy)  for the distribution of Mutual Funds ( Mutual Fund Distribution System). It is particularly tailored for the necessities of Italian SgR companies, but it can easily be adapted to any other institution following European style rules.

Substystem MF-Distribution:

  • Customer static data and multi-ownership
  • Accounts and Contracts
  • Transactions (Subscription, Redemption, , Switch, Transfer, Subscription Plan):
    • Manual entry (stampa contratti)
    • Automatic upload from Input files produced by investment dealers
  • Paper certificates and Coupons
  • Management of Bank/Branch (definition and split/merge processes) network of dealers
  • Mutual Funds static data, with Dividend distribution and subscription time windows
  • Evaluation and Accounting of transactions
    • Output files to investment dealers
    • Auto-match of Cash-Transfers from network of dealers
  • Automatic feed into GL and analytical accounting
  • Automatic feed into monitoring and reporting systems (Anti money laundering, Prisma, etc)

Subsystem IRIS for calculation of active & passive (to be retroceded to investment dealers) commissions

  • Setup of rules and percentages (Subscription, Redemption, Switch, Management)
  • Calculation and processing to GL of passive commissions (to be retroceded to investment dealers)
  • Reporting: both for central unit (SgR) and network of distribution dealers

Subsystem Web-Datamart (WebSite dedicated to all inquiries designed for investment dealers):

  • Transaction Data Entry
  • Sophisticated inquiries on customer data, positions and transactions
  • Full reporting, but profiled according to network of investment dealers (ABI/CAB)