Front Office

Real-time position keeping on customer portfolios

  • Positions evaluated at market value (last price) and Customer preferred currency (by applying FX conversion rates)
  • Profit & Loss / realized & unrealized (UPL & RPL);
  • cash balances and stock positions update teal-time throughout entire system, from trades to transfers to corporate actions;
  • Historical statements for Orders & Trades, Cash and Security transfers
  • Margin Trading Facility
  • Full customer reporting: Customer Portfolio (full Customer Value), periodic Customer Statement, print Cash Receipt and Cheque, and many more
  • Order status blotter in Push for real-time monitoring

Conditioned orders (triggered orders)

  • real-time alerts upon  price levels are met, or UPL levels met;
  • trade also when you are away, by setting up appropriate trading strategies via conditional orders (created when predetermined price levels on stocks or indexes are met,  or when UPL levels are met);
  • basket for orders

Price dissemination in Push (data streaming)

  • Quotations and News are updated real-time, in Push mode (no need to request for refresh)
  • Watch Lists to track indexes and securities to be monitored
  • Full “market pages” to monitor full market listings
  • Synthetic “market watch” tools to monitor at a glance markets indexes, statistics (gainers, losers, most active) , news;
  • Seamless integration to different Market Data Feeds, totally transparent to customers the source of quotations and news
      • Local market data feed(s)
      • Reuters RMDF
      • Telekurs
      • MF-Dow Jones
      • … and many others

Preferences and customizations

  • Java Applet personal layout
  • Language, notification channels
  • Customer preferred currency, bank current account, and much more
  • Notification channels: Web, SMS, Email
  • Unlimited customer Operational profiles
    • Which Markets customer can visualize and trade on
  • Unlimited customer Commission profiles
    • Upon each Market, which percentage commission and fixed fee will customer be charged: Standard, Low-Discounted, Medium-Discount, etc

On-line Trading via WEB

  • Basic: HTML (always in Push mode)
    • Ideal for novice users on not-PC proficient
    • Impossible to get lost: customer never leaves a large and composite Trading Platform page
    • Useable for any workstation (at airport, office, etc)
    • No layout customization, full content customization
  • Advanced Java Applet
    • The most powerful trading application for individual customers
    • Configurable number of Virtual Desktops
    • Full layout (colors, fonts, windows, etc) and content customization
    • All windows are managed in “Excel style” and contained within a box, so you to do not get lost
    • Security: no data is downloaded to customer workstation (only the executable)
    • Automatic applet download over the net: no need for manual distribution.

Mobile Trading: via SMS and advanced Light java Applet for PDA

  • SMS trading: operational on any mobile device
    • Support for fast order entry, cancellation, modification
    • Can request also portfolio position
  • Advanced Light java Applet for PDA
    • Full power of our standard java applet
    • Operational on PDA that support java (Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and many more)
    • Available special version for I-Phone.