General Architecture

Our approach to the integration process is based on a “middleware bus” model. This approach is based on messages, with “map & transform” adapters for each application to be integrated, be them electronic markets or back-office applications, deployed across very different technical architectures and environments (MS-Windows. UNIX, Mainframe).

Back Office application are usually master source for static data, while Position Keeping applications are master source for Trades.

End of day process will cover reconciliation processes, in “batch processing” mode, where all positions and trades are re-synchronized with Back Office applications as the master.
Advantages of this model:

  • substitution or introduction of any application requires only the re-development of the individual adapter (single data mapping re-work):
    • the data model remains valid and not modified
  • no need to use third party architectures or pre-requisites, because our “logical model” is realized using standard technical components:
    • Java and Oracle for the business logics
    • Cobol / CICS or Cobol /IMS for modules running on mainframe environment