Middle Office

Cash Transfers

  • Approval of transfers requested by customers
  • Controls upon transfer executed automatically via electronic gateways (with ATM network, banking gateway, batch upload)

Security Transfers

Order workflow and control

  • Controls upon orders and trades processed automatically by GBS, to allow inquiries or manually taking in charge an order for exceptional reasons;
  • Special actions such as “resubmit” (special function used to support GTD orders on markets where they are not natively supported)
  • Upload of orders and trades executed upon Market terminals (TWS)

Off-line market management

  • In case a market is not electronically connected, it is possible to manually accept / reject / execute order with appropriate information retrieved from market or broker
    • Useful for low volume markets, which are not (usually temporarily) interconnected
    • Customer perception is same as interconnected market: status update is pushed to client application.