Order Routing Network

GBS fully supports Order Routing Network concepts and full scenarios.
In a multi-market and multi-broker scenario, Investment company can offer / utilize different services:

  • Buy Side: Investment company is sending orders to an execution Broker (usually in a foreign country, to be routed to local of foreign markets for execution) and receives back executed trades (Buy execution service)
  • Sell Side: Investment company is acting as Execution Broker receiving orders from institutional Customer (usually from a foreign country, to be routed to local of foreign markets for execution) and delivers back executed trades (Offer execution service)

Connection between the two business partners can be:

  • direct: point-to-point VPN over the internet
  • utilizing a Order Routing Network, where connection is one only to reach multiple partners, connection and speed are guaranteed, and one communication standard is enforced for everyone (examples of such Networks are Reuters Thompson ROR-TM2, Marco Polo, etc)

With GBS, we can support all possible scenarios, crossing Buy-Sell with Direct-Network

Moreover, an international corporation, having Brokerage companies in multiple countries, can build its own Global Routing Net, just by using GBS:

  • each  Brokerage company executes order on the local market(s) for itself and all foreign companies (provides Sell Side service on local market(s) for any other company)
  • each Brokerage company routes orders to be placed onto foreign markets to the foreign Brokerage company that owns direct membership and connection to corresponding market (enjoys Buy Side service from all other companies)

Diagram for Global Routing Net – centered upon GBS ORM – Central Hub

Global Routing Net

Global Routing Net