Our tenet is “open Architecture”

  • write once
  • run everywhere

We make use of latest technology (Java, Push technology, mobile computing) to integrate all components in a seamless integrated solution.

We utilize de-facto standards in e-business solutions (Oracle, XML, N-tier computing, Java, client and server validation, no data whatsoever stored on customer workstation, fastest FIX engine on the market)  so that we can ensure:

  • Total portability across different hardware platforms (MS-Windows, Unix / Linux);
  • Top performance in distributed environment;
  • Low demand on hardware resources;
  • Unlimited scalability, just by adding more hardware resources:
    • from 100 to more than 100,000 orders per day;
    • from 1,000 to more than 1 million customers;
  • Easy to integrate other channels empowered by local applications (IVR, etc);
  • Easy to integrate any external system used by Investment Company

From technical management point of view

  • We adopt standard components for “Open Architecture”:
    • easy to find human resources to be GBS administrators;
  • Full proof to penetration testing and ethical hacking;
    • Customer applications
    • But also Middle & Back Office modules
      • Specialized units, such as Call Center or Broker Trader, can work remotely from main site
  • System availability 7 x 24
    • No end of day or other administrative “end of day” processes require to shut down service to customer or operators