Trading Rooms

Our solution, running in Trading Rooms and Treasury Units of Banks or Investment Companies, is supporting integration projects, among the three most important software components supporting trading on OTC or electronic markets:

  • Markets (electronic or OTC)
  • Specialized Position Keeping and Risk management applications
  • Core banking systems (back office applications, usually running in Mainframe environment)

In Europe and worldwide, two Position Keeping solutions are emerging as market leaders, highly specialized and with a significant complexity of consultancy activities, both business and technical:

  • Kondor+ ® by Reuters
  • MGX® by Murex

Elfi Systems has a large and proven experience of technical consultancy upon both solutions, using standard Enterprise Integration Tools (CICS-gateway, MQ-Series, etc) and its own solutions, which are available for both Position Keeping packages on the marketplace:

  • Kupido as Elfi Systems integration solution for Kondor+ ® by Reuters
  • Murena as Elfi Systems integration solution for MGX® by Murex

The challenge in this type of projects is the automatic integration of transactions IN-OUT of the Position Keeping system :

  • IN: automatic data capture of transactions from electronic Markets into Position Keeping;
  • OUT: automatic data distribution of  transactions  to back-office applications

This requires an analysis of data model of the different applications, to cover following areas:

  • static data alignment
  • data-mapping & re-formatting
  • reconciliation processes